Clerk of Superior Court

  The Honorable Mary L. Green
Clerk of Court
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The Clerk of Superior Court provides the following services for Turner County Residents:

Filing records for:

       ♦  Criminal
       ♦  Juvenile
       ♦  Adoption
       ♦  Garnishments
       ♦  Warrants
       ♦  Recordings
       ♦  Real Estate
       ♦  Liens
       ♦  Hospital Liens
       ♦  UCC (Personal Property)
       ♦  Plat
       ♦  Military Discharge
This Office Issues:

       ♦  Notary Commissions
       ♦  Passports
       ♦  Subpoenas
       ♦  Jury Summons
       ♦  Fi Fa's
       ♦  Bench Warrants
       ♦  Bond Forfeitures
       ♦  Arraignment Notices
Compile Calendars for:

       ♦  Civil
       ♦  Criminal
       ♦  Arraignment

Records that are not available to the general public: Juvenile, Adoption, and Military Discharge

Carolyn Douglas
Chief Deputy Clerk

Mary Frances Shiver
Deputy Clerk


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