Disaster Supply Kit

Everyone should make preparations to care for yourself and your family for at least three days - 72 hours - during and after an emergency. A Disaster Supply Kit will help. The following items should be stored in a large waterproof backpack or wheeled container for easy transport, and kept in a safe place, preferably in your shelter room in your home. Keep medications that cannot be stored in the Kit, in a bag that can be taken easily. Change out water and food supplies every six months when you review your Emergency Preparedness Plan. Your Kit should include the following items, depending on your needs:

         ♦  Battery-powered radios and flashlights, extra batteries
         ♦  First-aid kit & manual, over-the-counter medicines
         ♦  3-day supply of drinking water (1 gal. per day per person)
         ♦  Canned food, food in sealed containers, packaged snacks
         ♦  Can opener (manual)
         ♦  Sleeping bags or blankets
         ♦  Soap, feminine supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste
         ♦  Toilet paper, paper towels
         ♦  Change of clothing, sturdy shoes, rain gear, glovers for each person
         ♦  Lighter, matches and candles in waterproof container
         ♦  Loud whistle
         ♦  Fire extinguisher (A-B-C type)
         ♦  Tools, instructions for turning off utilities
         ♦  Small amount of money (need cash in case card machines are down)
         ♦  Extra glasses, extra vehicle and house keys, hearing aid batteries, etc.
         ♦  Large plastic bags and ties, for trash, waste, water protection
         ♦  Prescription medicines
         ♦  Emergency Contacts list
         ♦  List of insurance policies and phone numbers
         ♦  Supplies for pets such as food, water, records, leash, cleanup, etc.
         ♦  Charcoal grill or camp stove for outdoor cooking
         ♦  Copies of any important documents about your family (Social Security numbers, birth certificates, wills, insurance policies, credit card and bank account numbers, etc) stored in a waterproof, portable container.


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